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Urbana-Champaign Thrift Shops

Urbana-Champaign Thrift Shops

ALMAZ is nestled in the heart of the Urbana Champaign area, a college town with just about all you might need, even if you're a fan of going second hand like we are! ALMAZ doesn't have an in-person location, but there are many Urbana-Champaign thrift shops, that are not limited to your local Good Will or Salvation Army, although we do have both. 

Here are some of our CEO's favorite local thrift shops:

  • Briella's Boutique - a quaint little thrift shop right in front of the Walmart in Savoy. It sells women's, men's and children's items, although their women's selection is much bigger than the other two. The store organization makes it easy to find what you're looking for. With tops along the center aisles sorted by both size and color, pants down the right aisles and super friendly staff to help you find what you're looking for. It's a consignment shop so bring in your gently used clothing and end up shopping for free (well, not exactly but close enough!) once they sell.
  • Karen's Closet - a big thrift store on Mattis near the Springfield intersection. It's a little overwhelming in size and the audience tends to be a little older in age (for reference, Dua is in her mid-thirties) although they have a wide selection. They carry dresses, coats, women's clothing of all sorts, and have an impressive collection of purses, vanity/toiletry bags, and wallets. It's also a consignment shop with both cash on spot and consignment options available, no appointments needed.
  • All Things Kids, INC - a thrift shop set up in a warehouse off of Mattis near Anthony. The title says it all. They carry clothing, books, toys, bedding and all the random bits and pieces you need from newborn to age 12. Also, a consignment shop that makes it easy to pass on your little one's gently used items. They are quite particular about clothing being turned right side out and shoes being clean.
  • Classic Home Consignment - a home goods consignment store. Their inventory moves fast but you can always find larger furniture items like sofas to smaller decorative pieces. Furniture pricing may feel high but there are plenty of lower priced items as well, especially the decorative pieces.
  • The Idea Store - this is a gem of a thrift shop. It's a go-to for arts and crafts goodies from everything like thread and fabric to markers and crayons to random odds and ends like camera tripods.
  • Salt & Light - if you're mentioning local thrift shops, you have to gift a shout out to Salt & Light, a wonderful local organization with the tagline: "Fighting Poverty With Dignity in Champaign and Urbana, IL". Most local thrift shops send their unsold inventory to Salt & Light.

Do you have a favorite thrift shop local to the CU area? Let us know!

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