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Morocco Earthquake: How to Help & Where to Donate

Morocco Earthquake: How to Help & Where to Donate

Assalamualaikum w rahmatullahi w barakatu,

SubhanAllah, it feels like every few weeks we hear about another disaster whether natural or man-made and it is heavy. The earthquake that rocked Marrakesh and Morocco as a whole has taken the lives of over 1,300 individuals with 2,000 more injured, and thousands affected. 

Every disaster is difficult to process but some hit closer to home than others. Our boys are Moroccan, we just spent 6 weeks in Morocco late last year. It's a beautiful country, a beautiful culture, and beautiful people. 

If you're feeling helpless and/or want to know what to do - start with these three steps.

  • Make dua, the sword of the believer. Ask the Almighty to provide for those afflicted, to heal the hearts of the families of those we lost, and to have mercy on those who are no longer with us. Ameen.
  • Donate. Try one of the following options:

Ya Rahman, send Your mercy upon those in Morocco and grant them ease and comfort in this difficult time. Ameen.


PS. If you have an organization you would like to recommend, please share it in the comments.

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