ALMAZ Wearables

Inspired by conversations with my Muslim sisters, I found myself trying to be a more conscious consumer. I started asking more questions and buying less. I sought out more ethical and sustainable clothing brands. This was difficult, it was time consuming, and it was more expensive. I shifted to depending on thrift and consignment stores first and grew frustrated by some of their limitations. Limited selections and limited search options (online). I couldn't search for maxi dresses or skirts; I couldn't find preloved abayas anywhere.

Enter, ALMAZ Wearables.

ALMAZ Wearables

ALMAZ Wearables is an e-commerce thrift store and social enterprise dedicated to more conscious, more sustainable, and more affordable Hijab Worthy Wearables.

More Conscious stems from the Arabic word taqwa, often translated into God-consciousness: an elevated sense of awareness of God in all we do. As Muslims we have a responsibility to be more conscious in both our consumption as consumers and our work as business owners. At ALMAZ this concept is central to the work we do.

More Sustainable alleviates the pressure of all or nothing. At ALMAZ we focus on the word more as part of our journey. Our products are naturally more sustainable (since they are not new), but we don't stop there. We also focus on being more sustainable as a business. We make an effort to buy used when we can (like our photography equipment), to decrease our waste (minimal packaging and eco-friendly mailers), and to provide resources so others can join the movement to more sustainable as well. 

More Affordable extends beyond financial savings. Walking into a thrift shop can feel chaotic and you may have to visit more than one to find what you need leading to added mental, physical, and financial costs. Online thrift experiences are similar. At ALMAZ, we recognize the barriers this creates for many. So, we simplify the process by making it as smooth as possible with handpicked items for the hijabi and an easy to navigate store with a smooth search bar and relevant filters to make it holistically more affordable.

Our Team

Dua Aldasouqi, CEO

Dua Aldasouqi is passionate about helping Muslims be on the forefront of sustainable and conscious shopping. She believes that the reason we are not there yet, is merely a lack of awareness on current manufacturing practices.

Abu-Bakr Zafar, CFO

Abu-Bakr is