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Call to Action: Pass the FABRIC Act

The FABRIC Act: A Muslim Call to Action

The FABRIC Act has been introduced in congress and now is the time to act! If you're not familiar with the act, you're in the right place!

The FABRIC Act proposes major new workplace protections and manufacturing incentives to cement the US as the global leader in responsible apparel production.
ALMAZ endorses the FABRIC Act as it is a step towards more ethical and sustainable brands.

We often think "Made in USA" means an item is free of abuse, but unfortunately garment manufacturers are notorious for human rights abuses. They grossly underpay their employees with harsh work conditions right here in the US due to loopholes in previous legislation.

The FABRIC Act aims to protect these workers through:

  • Establishing a nationwide garment industry registry to promote transparency, hold bad actors accountable, and level the playing field.
  • New requirements which hold fashion brands and retailers alongside manufacturing partners jointly accountable for workplace wage violations.
  • Setting hourly pay in the garment industry and eliminating piece rate pay until the minimum wage is met to ensure jobs with dignity.
  • Incentivizing domestic manufacturing by creating a $40 million grant and a reshoring tax credit to help manufacturers meet these new goals.

So, what can you do? 
  1. Sign the petition on
  2. Show support on your social media platforms by sharing this post or creating your own and using the hashtag: #PassFabricAct
  3. Contact your senators! You can try this script or use your own: "Hi, my name is ____ and I am a constituent of Senator X. I am calling to ask them to protect our garment workers by supporting the FABRIC Act that has been introduced to the senate. Thank you"

It can be intimidating calling your representatives, but they are your representatives and your voice matters. Plus, the people that answer the phone are staffers and don't provide their own feedback or opinions. They take your info and "let the senator" know. 

You can learn more on You can also follow the bill on

We hope you join the movement!

Let us know in the comments if you've done any of the steps above.

Dua, CEO

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