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7 Online Thrift Shops

7 Online Thrift Shops

As much as we’d like to be your one-stop shop for all things thrifted online, we know we might not have everything you’re looking for just yet. But don’t let that deter you from switching to shopping more sustainably! Here are 7 online thrift shops to get you started shopping second-hand. 


Here’s a name that might be familiar. ThredUP is one of the more well-known names when it comes to online thrifting and consignment, and for good reason. According to their website, ThredUP believes in a “sustainable fashion future” and is doing a pretty fantastic job of working towards just that. The company is combatting fashion waste by extending clothing life with its aim to recirculate, educate, elevate, and influence. ThredUP offers gently used options from a whopping 35k brands, and even better - up to 90% off their retail price. 

An added bonus- they encourage the public to gain some insight on how their current shopping practices impact the environment through their own Fashion Footprint Calculator!


Another name that might ring a bell is Poshmark. Poshmark also has thousands of options to offer when it comes to clothing- everything from gorgeous gowns to PJs. A quick visit to their website, though, shows you that they have more to offer than just items to your wardrobe. The company lays it out pretty simply for their users: (1) List it, (2) Share it, (3) Earn Cash. And that includes items like shoes for all ages, electronics and seemingly every imaginable accessory, and even an entire category dedicated to pets. 

Swap Society

Next up is Swap Society. If their name didn’t already pique your interest, there’s a solid chance their concept will. Everything (yes, everything) on their website is $5.99… plus an online currency they call SwapCoin. The company’s on a mission to “make sustainable fashion accessible to all”. How are they doing that though? By encouraging their customers to quite literally swap out their clothes in good condition for SwapCoin. Users can then use what they’ve earned in SwapCoin to purchase clothes of their choice, and then keep swapping to their heart’s content for as low as $20/month. 

The RealReal

If you’re trying to cut down your carbon footprint but suffer from a slightly more expensive taste, The RealReal might be your best bet. This online thrift store specializes in luxury consignment, with everything from home decor to clothing to art (but don’t worry it’s all really real). They boast 10k new items on a daily basis, and have authenticated items from Michele, Cartier, and many plenties more. 

Patagonia Worn Wear

While most of us are probably aware of Patagonia, chances are, you’ve yet to browse through their Worn Wear option. The shop has pretty much everything the company’s main website has to offer (clothing-wise) and offers it all at prices that are kinder to your wallet. They also have a neat way of encouraging their customers to extend the closet life of their already purchased items by offering repairs to damaged ones. Since the start of their Worn Wear Repair Tours in 2005, the company has repaired close to half a million Patagonia products in North America alone. 


A mix of The RealReal and ThredUp, Tradesy allows you to sell and buy a variety of second-hand items like shoes, bags, and even wedding gifts (a little more on the luxury end), all while promising that your purchase is 100% authentic. According to its website, the company is determined to reduce “the demand for newly-produced and disposable fashion, while empowering everyone to build a high-quality wardrobe for less.” Another noteworthy addition is that Tradesy is not only female-founded but also works to support and empower its team members from underrepresented backgrounds. 


Last but not least is Depop! Like the others, Depop offers some pretty cute and diverse options when it comes to second-hand men's and women’s clothing. What makes the company unique, though, is its mission to not only contribute to a circular economy, but inspire its users through the creativity of others. Once you make an account, you can see what others are buying, selling, and favoriting, and just like that, you’re exposed to other people’s tastes, interests, and fashion. 

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