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Five Staple Items Every Hijabi Needs

Five Staple Items Every Hijabi Needs

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I know, we've all done it: bought things we don't need. It's difficult to walk past a window display without being tempted by the beautiful pieces. When the word 'SALE' is plastered on every corner, the store's magnetic force feels unbearable. As a result, endless shopping trips and an overflowing wardrobe!

Keeping up with the never-ending fashion trends is often exhausting for us as women, but it’s important we don’t lose sight of what matters more than being on trend. For Muslim women, being aware of Allah (swt) in what we purchase should top our priority lists. One way to be more conscious and more sustainable consumers is to make sure we have some essentials!

We’ve compiled a list of five staple items, every hijabi needs:

  1. Neutral Hijab (or two)
    1. Hijabs are essential items for all hijab-wearing women (obviously!). A comfortable neutral hijab is key. Color preference is subjective. We feel like a soft gray or light beige is a must-have but know that for others black or white is a part of their identity. Hijab fabric and shape are definitely a personal choice. We love SilqRose’s hijab collections as a brand that is a more sustainable and ethical choice.
  2. Silk Underscarf
    1. Not all hijabs need an underscarf but our hair will definitely thank us when we wear one. Silk underscarves help protect the hair from breaking by providing a smooth surface for it to glide on. They also tend to be cooler. If you’re worried about slippage (which is a valid concern), try the Mulberry Silk Lined Undercap from Fayena (another sustainable and ethical brand).
  3. Dress Hijab
    1. We all have our quick throw on hijabs but sometimes they’re not good enough for that very fancy outfit. Now if chiffon is your go-to you’re probably set but if you’re like most of us and prefer cotton, jersey, or something less…slippery, then your wardrobe will likely need a chiffon or shiny hijab for those occasions.
  4. Hijab Holders
    1. Some hijabs stay in place flawlessly on some people. But for many of us, we need some assistance. The safety pin was the only option a few years ago and resulted in many damaged hijabs but, alhamdulilah, we have other options now. A straight pin can be used to hold a hijab in place below the chin or once wrapped around the head. Bobby pins were a thing once to hold below the chin but they died out quick. Magnets are lifesavers today but they are more expensive than the above options.
  5. Long Black Abaya (LBA)
    1. While non-hijabis typically have a little black dress (LBD) as a wardrobe essential, we hijabis have the abaya. A traditional black abaya makes life so much easier! You don’t have to be a full-time abaya wearer to appreciate the value of the LBA. Throw it on as you run out for errands, over a dressy outfit so you can take off your hijab later, or as a go to for the masjid.
These are our five hijabi staples, did we miss any? What do you think is a hijabi staple?

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